Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dance Sport Almost a Succes!!!

Just arrived home from our Dence Sport practice and we're almost done! Woooohooooo!
1 more category to go and we are done! We only need to clean up our dance steps in Cha Cha Cha, Jive, and Rumba...then the most awaited part, Samba, will be next...I never tried dancing Samba before unlike the said categories...Hope we perfectly dance the steps...

Anyhow, I saw MDP earlier and guess what...? We're OK...I mean back to normal...we laughed at each other just like before...with MDP's cute tantalizing eyes...Wahehehehe!

Well, I need to study now. I still have an examination tomorrow and our teacher just posted our notes a few minutes ago...WHAT A GREAT TEACHER!!!


Nicole said...

Kami nga, binibigyan na lang ng DVD, tapos ang instructions, "Watch this."

Yan lang. Or download kami ng pdfs.

Hahai. Teachers talaga.

rabsin_d said...

nakakainis nu!!! Hmmmp! Grrr!