Sunday, November 9, 2008

Jealousy a.k.a Crush!

WTF am I writing...this is way overboard..! Anyway, I'll still write it...Hehehe!

I went to school by 2 pm for our soft ball practice...I went there earlier because I got late last time...Hehehe! By arriving, it was only me on the took 15 minutes for the others to arrive.

During the practice, I have noticed 1 member of our team who is really really good...NEW CRUSH! (If you read my previous entries, you will know that my crush are those people I get jealous off) Obviously I got jealous! Damn! He was really really good...he throws the ball very fast and accurate...he can do HOME RUNS! Huhuhu! I wish I was him. I just had 1 home run in my whole 3 years of playing soft ball. He was indeed fit to play soft ball...unlike me (with a face of dismay).

I hate it when I'm like this...everyone seems to tell me that I'm perfect. I a great singer, I'm a good dancer, I'm a diligent student, a humorous friend, a loyal lover, etc....but, I still have a lot of things that I get jealous off. I really don't get contented :(

After our practice, I headed to STEDS (a small grocery store near the campus) to eat some snacks...Then, the smell of catatonic virus destroyed my nostrils and clot immediately affecting my whole body.

I arrived home at 9:30 pm...tired and sad...

I checked if our teachers posted notes for our class tommorow and...WTF! We had an assignment to be passed 2 hours from now...Thank God I made it...Hehehe!

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