Saturday, November 8, 2008


I just arrived home from too many to mention activities!

Just this morning (8 am.), I woke up early for our Latin dance sport practice...and the most tiring part was when we were stretching and my muscles suddenly gave up. Huhuhu! However, the dance was okay...I am very excited because after 4 years of not dancing, I still have the moves of being a good dancer! Wooohoooo! (KAPAL! Wahehehehe!) We ended at exactly 12:30.

I went back home to eat my lunch, and took some clothes for my softball practice (3 pm.). We ended our softball practice by 6 pm. and boy I was super tired!

Right after the practice, I received a message that we will be having a meeting with the PORTAL staff (the group who's making the Silliman University Yearbook) by 7 pm. I had now choice but to go...I was super wet and stinky...Gladly, it just ended by 8 pm. Wooooooooooh!

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