Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yesterday Was A Great Night!

Yesterday was the beginning of our enrollment...and I was happy not because it's class again, but because the cheerleaders are back!!! Some of them before was very silent but now, I can actually see them talk loudly in the lobby...I surely miss our bonding together! We were about to plan a night out that night but it was not successful because of the enrollment constraints...

So, we'll be rescheduling the night out this Friday (Oct.31).

BTW, my friends and I had a little drinking session last night...again..Hehehe! We started at 6pm and ended by 11:30pm...We had a little closure then went home...Well, before Alfie and I went home, we were joy riding. We went to different places until we stopped in Hanna's House (a cheerleader). We were talking everything around the sun! It was super fun...until the time stopped at 3:00 am. We were not aware of the time because we had a great conversation!

After that we went home...and thank God our parents did not scold us for going home late! Hehehe!

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