Thursday, October 9, 2008


Finally! The long awaited day has finally come. Our exams has finally ended (well, except for the Nursing students)...hehehe!

I just arrived home and I am about to take my lunch.

I'll go to school after to make our AutoCad project and by night, we will be celebrating our Sem Break with Cheerdancers, barkada, and friends...

However, the only problem I need to face is that if I pass my subjects or not...Well, I'm pretty sure to pass AutoCad, C++, and MIS, but SysAd---I doubt! It's because no matter what we do, our teacher will always find ways to make the exam DIFFICULT!

To tell you guys honestly, our exercises and our notes were very easy and manageable, but when it comes to our's very difficult! I mean where the hell did she get that fuckin' exam! it was not on our NOTES! It's so UNFAIR! Grrr! Wooooh! okay, anger released...hehehe!

Anyhow, I really got shocked yesterday, because Mr. Anonymous (clcik here to know him) told me that I was a great assistant (as you can see Mr. Anonymous just arrived from Spain and he's been like travelling around the world). I was so flattered, but I did not show it offcourse...And because of that, he will be giving me a salary for my effort tomorrow! WoW! Hmmm...How much would it be...I'm so excited!


rammyboi said...

ahaha.. nice eh. tapos na ang exams. weird lng kay sa amo skul.. wa gna offer ang subject na AutoCad tapos di na mi concentrate sa C++. moreo n Java na and .NET gina tudlo. :) Atleast I learned something from your school :)

rabsin_d said...

Yah! Our school is some kind of outdated...Human na mi ug JAVA! It was TOP of our PRIORITY! We had 3 major units for JAVA! It was difficult because it was very fresh to us students...but after a couple of started to become ang problem makalimtan nmo ky wla man nmo ginagamit kaayo krun..huhuhu! We also had our .NET moments pro ningpahawa man amo teacher so giilisan ug C++...pero nice and easy au ang .NET!

rammyboi said...

yup2. nyc gyud ang .NET. nag java sad mi back when i was 2nd year. and honestly, nakalimtan nako tanan. lisud kya kay puro na lng handler tanan. event, button..etc. not like .NET, double click on the GUI then ad lng functionality, ok na. ahahha.. pero in demand gyud ang java. But I never found any interesting bout it. maypa ang web... gamay lng sakit sa ulo.. dali lng tun an. :) cge lng.. study hard. last sem na lng btaw of your whole schooling life and nabilin. after that.. we will be welcoming you to the real world. ^_^

rabsin_d said...

Hahaha! At least dli ra ako ang nakalimot sa JAVA that means normal ra kalimtan anf=g JAVA! Hahaha! Anyhow, I really hope I pass all my subjects this semester so that regular dyapon ko next sem...and I can graduate on time..peace out