Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Last Farewell...

Sounds like Jose Rizal to me...hehehe. Anyhow, a couple of hours from now and I'll be living Dumaguete for Bacolod...I wonder what's in Bacolod..? Well, I'll definitely enjoy myself to death their with new lifestyle...Maskara Festival, bars, clubs, food, and so much more...I can't wait to step in a new soil of wildness...Hehehe!

I have just texted my Barkada in High School, Eugene Manaay, who is from Bacolod, to introduce the place to me...since he already knows me...hmmm...what will be his style of introducing the place...I hope it's not drinking or worst s**...JOKE! Hehehe! Lolz...

Anyhow, just finish packing all my things except my jacket which is still wet outside...Grrr!

By the way, before I live...I am not sure if I could update this BLOG often in Bacolod, so I want you to know that even if I am not around updating my blog, I hope you will still have the urge of voting me as the next FILIPINO BLOG OF THE WEEK! okay...the voting can now be access from my blog at the right corner...below 'FACADE'. So please do not hesitate to vote! peace out...xoxo...heeheehee!

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