Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bacolod: Day 1

What a day...I arrived here yesterday (Oct.15). It was an 8 hour trip from our City (Dumaguete).

I stepped on Bacolod street at exactly 9:57 am (Wow! a remarkable event..Hehehe!)
We ate our breakfast in Dunkin Donut and went to my sister's apartment...but it looks like a dormitory to me...and guess what? The apartment is just in front of Robinsons! Isn't that amazing! just a walking distance to a shopping Mall...

We ate lunch at Robinsons food Court!

After sunset was the greatest thing that happened to me...I texted my friend, Eugene who's Home town is Bacolod City, to tour me around the city...we went to Ice, a famous disco bar where most of the people are foreigners. After we went to the park and for me that park was the BEST! He introduced me to his friends and we had a little chit-chat and drinks. I did not drink too much since I promised my sister to lessen my drink that night...and we were drinking beer and I don't like beer because I got used to drink rhum...Hehehe! I miss my Barkada in Dumaguete were we all the time drink Rhum! I miss you guyz! I'll give you PASALUBONG! PROMIZ! hehe...

Anyhow, tonight...I'm still here in the park...surfing...but I'll be leaving soon and will go to a bar called is also a famous night out place in Bacolod...well, I better go now...peace out


rammyboi said...

yup2. nyc bya sad ng MO2. bora also has one. *reminiscing the past* ^_^ iloilo also has one. :) hehehe... buti na man ur enjoying bacolod :)

rabsin_d said...

Hehehe! lagi...I'm so loving it here...hahai! kapoy kng kay cgi ko morning the night..