Friday, October 17, 2008

Bacolod: Day 2

Last night, we went to M02 and Ice, a well-known disco bar here in Bacolod. I am suppose to enjoy my night in that place but it just struck me a very irritating controversy about culture...

While me and my friend was browsing the place...I noticed the baryo-baryo of the people inside. I saw an individual drinking by himself...with no friends at all...I guess he is also a tourist in Bacolod. I just got annoyed to some of the people in Bacolod because they don't know how to entertain outsiders...I mean the guy was dancing and obviously wants to dance with someone and wants to introduce himself with different people...however, people their did not even made an effort of saying hi! They are Feeler!!! If that person was in Dumaguete, for sure he will meet new people in less than an hour and will get to enjoy his night! That I'm SURE!

So after drinking 4 shots of Tonic, and 3 shots of marguerita cared-off by a new friend in Bacolod whom I, unfortunately, forgeten the name. Anyway, I introduced my "girl friends" to the person who was all by himself and shockingly found out that he is also a DumagueteƱo like me! Wow! His name was Luke...and we enjoyed every dance step and every conversation we had that night.

Indeed it was an unforgetable night...because I got to help an unknown individual whom, amazingly, is a DumagueteƱo!

I'll be eating my lunch now with my brother in Robinsons...and by night we will hang out together with our sister! Bonding Moments...Hehehe!

Well, that's it for now...Have a great day everyone!

By the way, don't forget to vote know what to do guys...peace out...


Francesca said...

wow, you're on vacation. pasalubong!

KAAKAAMS said...

Hei Rick! Me and some friends and cousins are off to Bacolod this monday to visit other cousins and friends too. =) Basi magkita ta. Hehe.

Nwei, MO2 is really nice. I like the place. Actually, I like Golden Fields, in general. There's nowhere else better that Golden Fields dnha sa Bacolod. LOL.

By the way, it's really nice of you to go out of your way to make friends with that Luke guy. Hehe. You're right, kung dinhi pa to sa Dumags, he'd surely meet a lot of wonderful people. That's the exact reason why our city is also known for it's hospitable people. But it turned out that he's also from Dumaguete! LOL.

Have fun sa imo Sembreak vacation Rick! Hope to bump into you this Monday.

Hinay2x lang sa shots! =)