Monday, September 8, 2008


I have nothing to d right now so I'll be giving you 3 trivia of myself:

1. I'm a Kappa Sigma for about 2 years now. We just had our booth during our Founder's Day in Silliman University. We were Top 30 last year...hope we can be part of Top 10.

2. I'm a Student Leader. I am part of RYLF (Renaissance Youth Leaders Forum) for about 2 and a half years now (I think...) and I'm currently innactive because of my senior priorities. I miss this group so much...I miss the deep talks and the autism moments we had.

3. Raissa and I are friends again. (If you don't know Raissa, click here, here, and here.)


Lance said...

i used to hang out at silliman at night before ug mag founders day sila..
we share the same experience when it comes to building booths and trying our best to make it stand out from the rest of the orgs..
congratz to SU..

rabsin_d said...

thankz for the commment..

Lance said...

i come from NORSU, so much proud of it.. hehehe
i was part of the weekly publication of that University..

i so much miss dumaguete..

october na hapit so im sure busy napod na always ang boulevard... tsk tsk tsk

rabsin_d said...

Hmmm...I mom used to work in NORSU...