Friday, September 19, 2008

Crush Update

Just woke up...and indubitably late for class...well, the heck if I make this entry or not I would still be late, so rather make it..Hahaha!

I'll just make this short; this is an update of what happened to me last night.

I never imagined myself making sacrifices to my crush (if you don't know who my crush is, GOOD...but look at my previous blog entry, my crush is also 'a friend'...). I had a neutral day with 'a friend', until the time came when I was about to leave. I want to leave early because my brother just baught a new Motherboard (AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5000+ w/ 1GB RAM), and its freaking AWSOME! Anyhow, about the CLIMAX of my night, 'a friend' was mostlikely begging me not go home. I asked 'Why..?' but 'a friend' did not utter a word, instead made a puppy eye making me feel emotionally excited of what it means (Hmmm..?), but I did not let my emotion conquer my wholeness. I think 'a friend' felt that I could not be stopped from leaving so 'a friend' attempted to fastidiously kiss me...(WAAAAH!) I, on the other hand, fakingly gave him a kiss with my licky-tongue effect (NOTE: our lips was 3 inches away from each other)...But if only 'a friend' knows how eager and in grudge I am to kiss and intimately feel and savor the taste of 'a friend's' lips. Hahaha! Erotic don't you think...I'm really good at this. I could like continue this erotica for years, however; I need to stop here because I'm so LATE! Well, that was it, after that we hug and did our hand shake, then Goodbyes...

Check for more blog entries soon..peace out


Anonymous said...

hus this crush of yours...let me know...bantay ka maq f c..

Anonymous said...

cayoy ni