Monday, August 4, 2008

A conversation with Mr. Jim Paredes (Part 2)

  1. WoW! You must have been very proud seeing these Talents shining very BRIGHT. Anyhow, you are undoubtedly very true, there are some people (you can easily identify) very eager for fame and fortune. One reason for this is due to their family’s capacity to leave normal…normal in a sense that they can put their children to education and giving them enough allowance in day-to-day activity inside and outside the campus. You might wonder why I know this kind of things, because my family is one of those lucky unfortunate people.

    Lucky because I wouldn’t be independent if it wasn’t for these challenges in our family. I became a full scholar for 4 years in high school so that my parents won’t feel the burden of money. I worked for 3 years in College in the Library to minimize expenses in my Tuition Fee.

    Soon, I’ll be graduating and boy I can’t wait. I just hope all the miracles and destinies will fall into me in order for my family to surpass this burden.

  1. rabsin_d–go for it. I was like you–a scholar with very meager means and I think the ‘poverty’ made me sucessful.

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