Friday, July 25, 2008

Mag-Fiesta mo bai..?

Taga asa ka bai..?
Mag-Fiesta mo bai..?

The ever common question that people ask if a fiesta is coming. Just like yesterday, my group of friends were all decided to not go to school because its the Fiesta of Tanjay today (July 25). We were sitting at the CC Lobby (Computer Center) while throwing up ideas how the hell can we go to Tanjay. Luckily, Marvin Tan (a good friend of ours) arrived and promised to go with us the next day. We undoubtedly agreed since we all know that he has a ride. We decided too meet at the same place where we were talking at 9 in the morning.

The next day (today), everyone was their except for Marvin. Grrr! We waited for him for about an hour and a half and he just gave us a reason that he woke up late. (The nerve!) Anyhow, It was not much of an issue (for them). Lolz...(I was very hungry by that time...) So, we donated a minimum amount for the gas and went directly to the Tanjay, specifically to the house of Caloy and Eman. Boy if you only saw how many rounds I got. That is why Fiesta is one of the most SIGNIFICANT events in my life...hahaha! Till then...peace out

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kaakaams said...

Hei Ricky! Namiesta sad diay mo? Kami sad! Hehe. Wala ta nag-abot sa Tanjay. =)