Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas 2013
Merry Christmas 2013!!!
Christmas 2013 look
Shirt from FinLust; Jeans from Oxygen; Socks from Oxygen; Boots from FinLust; Watch from SWAP.
Hype my look here.

Much has been said...yet still not enough. I am a proud ambassador of positivity and good vibes and that is all because of you guys! I appreciate all your time in reading this blog and following social media accounts despite my crazy-everything-under-the-sun statuses. To my online and offline friends, thank you for the support and undying love. I hope to see you all of you soon (and please do call me when you see me walking on the streets, the mall or getting myself drunk in a bar. Don't worry, I don't bite...and I'm really bad with faces so please accept my apology in advance. Hahaha!)

To everyone who trusted my blog, a huge-fat THANK YOU to you and I hope you continue supporting because there is so much more improvement -- new things that will happen with this blog! No spoilers for now, but I am very, very excited!!! To my influencers, thank you for the knowledge. Kudos to you guys!

To my family, my better half and to the Almighty Father, Thank you! No words can express how grateful I am to all the blessings and problems in life. I realized that I get even stronger each day because I know that I can make it through with all of you.

Let us enjoy the Holidays and stay safe during New Year!

Peace out.

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