Monday, December 3, 2012

Max's 4Sharing Meal

Two weeks ago, Ced and I had a lot of errands which did not gave us time to eat the whole day. We got so tired that we just slept right after not realizing that we haven't really eaten anything. LITERALLY NOTHING!

We woke up the next day with grumbling tummy. We then decided to visit Max's Restaurant since I was looking for good chicken and I only get that taste at Max's or Sr. Pedro.

Max's 4Sharing (1 whole Fried Chicken; 1 Max's Adobong Baka; 4 Rice; 4 Drinks)
Max's sarap to the bones Fried Chicken
Max's Adobong Baka
Max's Halo-halo

I so looove the chicken and the Adobong Baka, but we were not able to finish everything because this meal is supposed to be good for 4. Teeheee! Next time, I will bring 2 more friends.

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