Monday, November 12, 2012

What's in the Bag?

Everyone has been tweeting around about Flawless' new campaign and what it is all about. Basically, they are recycling their old billboards into stylish eco-bags...and I think this campaign was well thought of. Kudos in promoting beauty not just for our physic, but to our environment as well.
What's in the bag?

Flawless Prepares to Celebrate 11 Years of Accessible Beauty with CSR Campaign.

One big advantage of billboards is their ability to reach a big number of audiences across all demographics and display ads for long periods of time. However the question is 'what happens when a billboard is taken down?' For most companies that create or commission billboard advertisements, once the campaign or the message of the ad is over, the after product is more or less 100 pounds of used vinyl, which for all intents and purposes is useless.
The BillBag Project
This is a problem that Flawless has struggled with for years now. Known for its many flashy billboards that stand prominently along some of the busiest roads in the metro, the country’s preferred clinic for face, body and medical services, recently launched a new campaign that turns its advertising wastes to useful resources for the benefit of the environment -- the BillBag Project.

A portmanteau of the words “billboard” and “bag,” the BillBag Project upcycles leftovers of Flawless’ past advertising materials by turning them into stylish eco-bags. The billboard vinyl is a sturdy material that can withstand weathering, which means that bags made from this material will survive anything that the average user could put them through. And one single billboard goes a long way -- a single 40x50 feet vinyl can make up to 500 bags.

Serving as an exemplary illustration of the brand’s dedication to promoting and preserving beauty, the company developed the campaign with the intent of bringing high-quality, relevant and affordable products to everyone while reducing waste at the same time.
I am still very interested what is really inside the bag though. :D
“The BillBag Project is the perfect representation of how Flawless wants to be seen as a brand,” says Rubby Sy, CEO of Flawless. “We are a responsible company that constantly seeks for ways to maximize our resources to do good. We are proud of this CSR (corporate social responsibility) campaign because we designed it to make a big difference and a lasting impact in the lives not just of Filipinos today, but of future generations as well. We are very happy to be doing this in time for our 11th anniversary.”

Sy adds, “Corporate social responsibility has always been part of Flawless, but this is the first time that we are publicizing our efforts. We want other companies who are into putting up billboards to follow suit. Let’s continue to push boundaries and look for opportunities to go beyond our businesses by pushing for efforts that promote nation building.”

In addition to its BillBag Project, Flawless also has another big treat for all beauty and wellness aficionados this December in the form of its “What's in the Bag?” campaign. According to Sy, “Our 11th anniversary will be nothing short of explosive. It will be a month-long celebration and we have loads of great surprises for everyone. We urge you all to stay tuned. Find out what's in the bag by constantly checking our website and Facebook and Twitter pages.”

Find out what's in the bag this December. Get a free BillBag with every single purchase of 1,100 pesos worth of Flawless products from December 1, 2012 to January 1, 2013 and celebrate 11 years of bringing world-class beauty closer to Filipinos.

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