Monday, June 25, 2012

Must Have Items

I was trying to clean up my mess (trying) at home and suddenly I realized that I have the tendency of being loyal to a brand if I really like it. Yes, I am LOYAL! LOL!

So I will not keep you guys waiting. Below are (currently) my must-have:
Scent-J Perfume (Black)
Scent-J Perfume (Black)
Friends and strangers has been noticing and appreciating Scent-J's soothing scent and I have been promoting this perfume ever since then. It wasn't really hard to promote it because the product and the scent will indubitably say it all. Scent-J Perfume is currently not being sold at any malls in Cebu; however, you may check my online store starting next week for I will be selling Scent-J Perfume there. (Online shop is currently in progress).

Imari Seduction Lotion
Imari Seduction (hand and body) Lotion by Avon
Yes, I know that this lotion is intended for girls (err). Who said men can't use girl products? LOL! Well, what can I say? This lotion is so seductive, it captured my smell and gives enough moisturizer on my skin and for the record, it also made my skin softer. ;) So I suggest you buy one and flirt away.

SM Accessories
SM Accessories
Oh, you have no idea how lucky I am meeting SM Accessories! Most men would understand how hard it is to find good accessories that is affordable and is of good quality! I have a bunch of them more in the closet.

I would also like to let you guys know that I will be opening my Online Shop soon via Multiply! :D I am just to psyched to start this venture. This is going to be fun! Thank you to Multiply for inviting us last week for a meetup. More on the said event on my next entry.



Anonymous said...

Hi, are you still selling Scent-J perfume? Was looking for it and luckily I saw this blog of yours. I want to have one for my boyfriend. By the way, I'm Heidz from Rizal. Thanks!

Rabsin de la Cruz said...

Hi Heidz, I still do. Let me know if youre interested.

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