Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Banyan Tree Spa - Worst Spa Experience Ever

As much as I don't want to put dirt on my blog, but I just can't let this experience I had with Banyan Tree Spa pass.

Ced and I were so exhausted from the long walk we had during the Sinulog Festival 2012. We literally walked from the place where we stayed (near Ayala) to Cherry Court (across San Carlos Boys High North Campus) to meet some friends. Then went to One Mango to meet more friends. Lastly, walked straight to Elizabeth Mall (E Mall) to meet Ced's High School and College classmates. Can you imagine how far that was?

The walking actually didn't end there yet, we walked the same path all the way to our place. Rested for a few minutes and walked straight to Ayala for the fireworks and for the Globe Event where we were invited.

After all those feet burdening scenarios, Ced and I promised to have a good massage the day after.

The day after came, the roads were clean and taxis available, we went to Hapuhap Spa at V. Rama around 1:00PM for I've heard they have reinvented and improved their masseurs' skills regarding their craft. However, it was close and was told that it will open around 3:00PM. Ced and I couldn't wait and ask the taxi driver if he knows any Spa near Fuente. The driver said that their is a good spa at the 3rd level of Rajah Hotel that most of his passengers goes there for a massage.

We hastily went there because my body is dying to have a good massage! We went straight to the 3rd floor and saw Banyan Tree Spa Signage...and this was the start of the horrible experience.

Horrible Experience in Banyan Tree Spa

I went to the front desk to inquire for their services, but before I was able to speak, the lady told me this:
Wala na raba available masahista sir... (There was no available masseur.)
I hastily said that we can wait. Almost got pissed of the lady for having no manner and welcoming me like that! Anyways, we took the Body Massage and the Foot Reflex since we were there already. We were placed on our designated area after 30 minutes and waited for the masseur. The masseur came after 15 minutes bringing a bad news. He told us if we could cancel our Foot Reflex because there are many customers that are waiting (hey, we are your customers here too...and we came here first!). I didn't want to start a fight so I agreed. Please, I just want to relax and have a good massage. Don't bring me problems along the way.

Before the masseur started, I asked for a short to change; however they don't have any and this should be an SOP for a spa. Anyways, I had no choice but took of everything aside from my undies. The massage started and I finally can just relax, but before I would even feel that, the masseur left me again and this time it took him 25 minutes to come back! I was freakin' feeling cold due to the aircon and realized that their music was terribly annoying! I got so pissed but was still able to contain everything in. The masseur started the pressure, but never felt any good, relaxing sensation from it. It was terrible!

To add more to that, after the terrible massage, the masseur just literally pulled my undies off and I was like WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU DOING!??? He probably got shocked and left the room. I hastily dressed up  with the oil in my body  and left the room...went to the front desk and paid with no tip!

Unwelcoming front desk attendant, low customer service, terrible massage and masseurs with no respect to customers! Banyan Tree Spa in Rajah Hotel just SUCK! It was just worthless! It was a mistake that we even went there! I swear to God that I'll never comeback there or let my friends try it there!

Banyan Tree Spa is the worst spa ever experienced!

If you have bad experiences regarding the said spa, please leave your comments below.

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