Monday, November 21, 2011

Hanaya - Make a Resort your Home

Ever since I was a kid, I have always dreamed of a resort-like inspired home. I have always imagined myself opening the main door and a pool with a mini jacuzzi will welcome you with its garden ambiance. A native spiral stairs attached to one corner heading to the sala, then the dining area, and of course, the kitchen.

Then I found Hanaya with our similar imaginative concept...
Hanaya - Make a Resort your Home


Hanaya, the first resort-styled condominium in the Northern Cebu area with a 70% open space, amazing amenities, lush garden and pools.

Have you imagined it already?
Resort-Style Condominium

Life would be such a beauty...

And just look at these photos below:
Hanaya Building

Hanaya Sala

Hanaya Master Bedroom
I better start saving big time for this one. whew! It was indeed amazing to enjoy the showroom.

You may contact Aboitizland at
+6332 411 1623 | +6332 419 1400
US Toll free: 1 800 930 3304

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