Monday, November 28, 2011

Escape to Manila

Yeah! I did a quick pull-back to myself and left Cebu for Manila. I just felt so loose that I need to tie back all those loose strings. I was in Manila for 3 days and had the best travel-alone experience! Thank you to Kuya Siege and EA for sponsoring my accommodation! Thank you to TJ and Pao for the night out! Thank you to Mica for the funny talks! I miss you guys already!

I actually realized alot of things! First, I'm not good with MRT! Hahaha! I won't tell the story here, but the MRT and I had good times. LOL! *I am so embarrassed* Second, Manila is indeed way crowded than Cebu, yet way established and organized. You just can't change plans hours before unlike the semi-happy-go-lucky setting of me in Cebu. Lastly, I identified those loose strings...and it was boredom. Hehehe! And the best way to get away from boredom is to travel!
(saw this in a magazine while waiting for the plain to land)

Thank God for good friends and amazing company! It was a quick yet worthwhile trip. Take a look at some photos that I took during my trip.

(The above is from Trinoma Veneto Pizzeria and they have BIG servings!)

(Had Starbucks Coffee at Trinoma! Great place!)

(Awesome Christmas decoration at SM North!)

(The Mini-burger at Tapella, Greenbelt 5. Yummy!)

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