Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pandanon Island: When the Beach is Your Only Peace

Pandanon Island Cebu

It has been a long time since I have visited the beach. I remember going back and forth to this peaceful place. The place where I grew is quite near the beach and yes, I grew up in a beach area (that's why I'm!).

Just a week ago, I had the chance to finally visit an awesome paradise-type beach, the Pandanon Island. It was indeed such a tease to the eye! It was like an exclusive Island because there were only few people enjoying this stunning island. Such a wonderful thing to look at.
Enjoying Pandanon Isalnd
"The beach is the only place where I can only be mine." 
- Rabsin

I don't exactly remember how long we have been friends with the beach, but I know he knows alot of stories and saw so many tears from me...I remember myself singing at the seashore while the splashes where making the melody. The beach and I have a pretty good tandem.

The next time I'll see you, I will introduce my better half. Till the next time we meet again :)


Joyce Clemencio said...

Hey, just saw you on Kry Uy's blog post on that Sperry Top-sider event. Y u no blog about it yet?! hahaha!

rabsin_d said...

@Joyce: Thanks for asking! FYI, you might want to check my Fashion Blog

lyka raagas said...

*JEALOUS* i wanna go to the beachhhh now na!! :(

rabsin_d said...

join us next time Lyka ;)