Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Krispy Kreme Launching in Cebu

Have you ever wished that Krispy Kreme would open in Cebu? Well, you don't need to wish for that because they have officially stated that they will be opening in Cebu with not just one store, but 2 stores!!!

Krispy Kreme Launching in Cebu

During the Krispy Kreme soft launching, it has been revealed that Krispy Kreme Cebu has always been a distant plan of Krispy Kreme Team...and now it will finally come to progress for Krispy Kreme will be officially in Cebu on the month of October 2011.
Jim Fuentebella - Chairman of Krispy Kreme Philippines
With Jim Fuentebella, Chairman of Krispy Kreme Philippines

Mark Gamboa - Krispy Kreme Marketing Manager Philippines
With Mark Gamboa, Krispy Kreme Marketing Manager Philippines

We had the best time with Krispy Kreme Team while singing the night away! Mr. Mark and Ms. Amor had a blast and showed off their singing prowess. See a quick video below:

Of course, it was me who first started singing. LOL! Well, for a month supply of Krispy Kreme -- hell yeah I would sing and I will sing loud and PROUD!!! For more info, you can check Krispy Kreme in Cebu.

It was a great night indeed! Food, drinks and Krispy Kreme doughnuts were everywhere! Despite me loosing my wallet with Php 2,000.00 , my ATM and the customized ENJOY Card, I was able to get a whole month supply of Krispy Kreme. If I try to calculate that I would get more than what I lost. So I guess I'll be eating Krispy Kreme for the whole month of October. Hahahaha!
And the best Krispy Kreme Photo goes to CBS!


Josh Sarz said...

I love Krispy Kreme, but I had to wait every time my brother comes home from Manila to get one. Now I can have me some Krispy Kreme donuts every day. :)

rabsin_d said...

Yes! Totally this is gonna be EPIC!!! To think that they will bring thw whole production here in Cebu. THATS FREAKING AWESOME!!! I can't wait for KK to be here! You can also check this post for more info:

Nonoy of Cebu said...

Wow this is great. The opening of Krispy Creme here in Cebu is a must-see event for bloggers. Where will be the proposed location?

rabsin_d said...

Hi Nonoy, yes, I'n sure everyone is excited... You can check this post for their locations: