Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kawasaki Leisure Bikes 2011: Experience the Road Orgasm

Roadgasm, the term created by Kawasaki Motors Philippines during the launch of their new bikes inspired back to the 80's. It has definitely marked a WOW on the Cebuanos faces while Kawasaki slowly revealed their power geared motors. Take a ride and travel back in time with the Kawasaki Leisure Bikes - The Roadgasmic Bikers' Party 2011.

On top of all the nostalgia at this 80's themed shindig....a pack of wild, beastly, mean machines, Kawasaki Leisure Bikes, were all geared up and ready to be mounted and revved with exhilarating energy across the urban jungles of Cebu City.

See below for the bikes:

(Photos to be uploaded soon)
  • KSR-110 - Php 110,000.00 (mini sport bike; the lightweight fun machine that true-blue bike enthusiasts cannot resist)
  • Ninja 250R - Php 250,000.00 and
  • Ninja 650 - Php 330,000.00 (both stylish, cool and arresting)
  • Vulcan 900 - Php 580,000.00 (a big bike called often as the 'cruiser')
  • Ninja ZX-10R - Php 770,000.00 (the newest addition to Kawasaki's vicious line of beasts. The Ninja ZX-10R sports a 1000cc engine displacement, and was carefully designed and conceptualized by brilliant Kawasaki Engineers to make every big biker's wet dream come true)
These bikes definitely just gave me not just one roadgasm. I guess it's up to you to find out how many roadgasms I had. LOL!

In addition, who wouldn't get roadgasmic experience if these ladies take a ride with you.
Dancers at the Kawasaki Leisure Bikes 2011

Kawasaki say, this is just the beginning. More bikes will be released nationwide that bikers will indubitably die for. So you better watch out for the next beasts of Kawasaki Leisure Bikes.

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