Saturday, March 5, 2011

Soft Wash Laundromat at Persimmon Shows Great Quality Services

Soft Wash Laundromat at Persimmon
Yes, this is to confirm that I will be a regular customer of Soft Wash at The Persimmon! I have been looking around for a laundry shop that will suit my lifestyle and thank God I found it at Soft Wash.

I honestly hate washing clothes. I'd rather clean the toilet than wounding my hands with all these different kinds of detergents. I used to be a regular customer of another laundry shop; however, I noticed that the quality wasn't good.

I usually have the tendency to check all the clothes if they were properly washed or not. That includes the texture and the freshness of the clothes.

Soft Wash Laundromat Shows Great Quality Services

For Soft Wash, you don't need to wait for days to get your clothes back. It will only take you a day... Yes! Just one day of waiting and they will deliver your clothes back to you clean and fresh! All your clothes are definitely clean and will still look new. Mom was even impressed with their great quality service!

Soft Wash offers free delivery (back and forth) for a minimum of 15 kg.

Clothing - Php 29.00 / kg
Blankets/Towels - Php 49.00 /kg

If you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider their clothing price and try to wash your own towels and blankets.

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