Saturday, March 26, 2011

Protecting Mother Earth Starts From Within

Before we were born, technology has been innovating for everyone's convenience. We got used to seeing our parents, which we consider as our role model, using technology and some other tools to help us with our daily living.

Today, technological advancement has reached its greater peak of being an alternative tool. In the near future, it is indubitably possible for robots to do our daily obligation in life which we have seen in other countries...and they keep on testing and improving these technologies.

However, what we think that will make our lives easier actually slowly kills our Mother Earth and soon us.

These photos below gives us the pleasure of fulfillment and satisfaction; however, these also produces Greenhouse Gas or what we call 'Carbon Footprints'. Because of this, Global Warming has been a very big concern in the society. Weather has been unstable every now and then...

French Fries
There are a lot more things that leads to Global Warming such as vehicles, air conditions, electric fans, lights and those gadgets and technologies that we think is very essential and a necessity to us. I would assume that it will not be very easy for us not to contribute Carbon Footprints, but I guess the best question now is how do we minimize committing this mistake and help the environment.

I believe that living life with basic and simple necessity is the key to help our environment. No wants. No luxuries. Idealistic it may seem but being simple and knowing what you really need in life is the key!

Now, it's up to you on how you make your life fulfilling without affecting our Mother Earth. How can you protect your Mother Earth?

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