Tuesday, January 11, 2011

BUYanihan in Cebu Launching - The Best Deals for Less Price

The Best Deals for Less Price at BUYANIHAN
BUYanihan is officially here in CEBU!!! The Group Buying Website offers extreme discounts to items or services that will definitely keep you locked in the site. Yes, just like the current deal today in Cebu, that is rest assured to pursue, is the Sinulog Buffet at Glo Café and Lounge at Crown Regency Hotel Cebu!
BUYanihan Deal in Cebu
The Silunog Buffetis originally at Php 1,200.00 and if you purchase it at BUYanihan, you will only spend Php 799.00. How cool is that!? So you better purchase it now because the DEAL is ON! Purchase and register here.

The Deal above is just one of the many awesome deals in BUYanihan. I hope they will make a deal for Bruno Mars' Concert in Cebu Ticket. I'm sure lots of people will indubitably buy it!


BUYanihan in Cebu Launching

A pun on the word bayanihan, the Buyanihan website offers discounts ranging from 50 to 90 percent on goods and services that many Filipino love to indulge like eating out, shopping, sightseeing, taking holidays, spa treatments, and so much more. The deals will be featured not more than seven days and buyers will be asked to sign up for the discounts and will be charged only if the minimum number of customers is reached and that will make the deal valid.

This Group buying site will definitely be a hit here in Cebu as how it grew really strong in Metro Manila. They will be expanding their services to Davao and many other cities in the Philippines by the second half of 2011. Group of friends, Family reunion or Company outings, these are just some market that BUYanihan would like to target. This will also be very convenient for group of people like the mentioned above to organize and celebrate their planned outing or whatever celebration.
Everyday, we'll offer you deep discounts on exciting products and services we know you've always wanted to experience. With BUYanihan, now you can explore all the awesome stuff to do in the Philippine cities at unbelievable discounts!

There is always something new everyday that you will surely like. So how about starting now. Make this deal happen!

Check their deals and register now!

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