Thursday, December 2, 2010

Global Map Maker Competition Winner - Wayne Manuel

There was an online competition that ran from December 15 - January 31, 2010...It was Google's first ever Global Mapping Competition where contestants need to add locations in Google map. The contestant with the most universities, schools, hospitals, and medical clinics added in Google Map, with high quality into Google Map Maker, will win a $50,000.00 UNICEF donation to benefit the country of their choice for work empowering young people through technology.

Wayne Manuel - Global Map Maker Competition Winner

Wayne Manuel is a Filipino undergraduate student at the National University of Singapore. He graduated from Philippine Science High School (Diliman Campus) in 2003. He is currently a Software Developer at National Telehealth Center.

It was an honor for me to have a little chit-chat with Wayne Manuel during the event, Through A Child's Lens - Children's Photography Workshop to End Violence. He is now one of the top 10 all-time mappers in the World. With hundreds of moderation, he was able to add more than 1,500 qualified map features for the said competition.

Congratulation to you Wayne!

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