Friday, October 22, 2010

PREVOLUTION - Vudu's 9th Annual Halloween Costume Ball

Prevolution Halloween Costume Ball If you all know, Vudu has been closed for quite sometime due to renovation. However, this will not stop them from organizing an event! This coming Halloween, VUDU will be open for one weekend only for a sneak peek on October 30, 2010, Saturday for the 9th Annual Halloween Costume Ball - PREVOLUTION. Tradition continues, but this year it will be open season for all things thought of, all things they long of becoming, all things imaginary or real. This year, one can go to the extreme or do the ironic, go traditional or avant-garde, just as long as they leave their daily selves behind.

PREVOLUTION - Vudu's 9th Annual Halloween Costume Ball

This one weekend only sneak peek into the new VUDU will be like an adventure, since VUDU will not be fully done yet, they will be partying in the unrestrained walls, unvarnished and raw. Like the party tittle suggest, PREVOLUTION, it is not the start, but rather the beginning of what is yet to come. Where everything is near ready, where greatness is about to unfold.

This is going to a SPOOKYTASTIC event!!! I'd better think of my costume ASAP!!!

I hope to see you all there! You can check Vudu's Facebook Page for more info.

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