Sunday, October 3, 2010

Got a Free Swedish-Thai Full Body Massage worth £100

I had a really crazy Friday night, not to tell you the uber stressful work days before that. I befriended a man from London. He is a traveler and he studied Massage Therapy during his days. He was a good guy.

I went home the next day around 9 in the morning and was not able to sleep due to the very noisy neighbors. I guess they were having a party where I was not invited. Instead of doing nothing in my place, I went to Ayala for a quick shop and coffee...and met the London guy in Bo's Coffee at the Terraces. I again accompanied the man and talked...well, I listen most of the time.

We were talking about the culture of the Philippines and the United Kingdom....and a little with the United States...until we noticed how tired we were because of the crazy party last night. We has a quick coffee and watched a great movie!

Swedish-Thai Full Body MassageAfter the movie, we talked about the Massage Therapy he studied and he offered me a free Swedish-Thai Full Body Massage! He told me that it usually cost a £100 (100 Pounds) to get a massage like this. It was exactly an hour and a half and used a Harmonising Massage Oil (I think you can buy this at the Body Shop).

It was a really great experience! Cheers!


Body massage said...

I would love to have a full body thai massage. I heard it is a great feeling.

rabsin_d said...

@Body Massage: indeed! You should definitely give it a try.