Sunday, October 31, 2010


ARCHCon 2010 Cosplay Competition
Finally, rules and guidelines are here for the much awaited Cosplay Competition before this year ends, the ARCHCon 2010 Cosplay Competition!

Check ARCHCon 2010 Pre-registration (Single and Group Cosplay Competition).


  1. Anyone from any organization can join.
  2. We will accept characters from any written or visual media. Original Character’s (OC’s) will not be eligible for the competition.
  3. Registration will be done before and during the day of the convention. Registering early will not determine the order of performance. We will randomly select which group/individual will perform first.
  4. Metal props and metal costume components are allowed for this competition. With that in mind please nothing bladed, or anything that will pose immediate harm to any of the participants of the convention or yourself. (We advise those who carry swords to please keep them sheathed as much as possible). We will still not allow any pyrotechnics or chemicals to be used on and off stage.
  5. Groups must present a skit. Single division participants may not need to present a skit BUT will be interviewed on stage.
  6. This year we put great emphasis on character but we know it’s tiring to be acting like your character all day. Therefore you need only be in character from 2:00 PM till after you have gone on stage. Please be in the convention proper area during that time.
  7. This year our parade of characters will be held on stage to also give a chance to people who want to take photos of those cosplaying (additional details will follow).
  8. Please bring your CDs with your music if you wish to have it played during your time.
  9. There will be a repair booth for those who need to make emergency repairs during the convention.
  10. We know that cosplaying your favorite characters is exciting but please let’s keep it wholesome. Ayala is a family place after all.
  11. The breakdown for this year will be:

    • 50% - Character (on & off stage)
    • 30% - Skit (audience impact, originality, neatness) / Interview (audience impact and IN character answering)
    • 20% - Costume (accuracy & neatness)

  1. Should you present a skit you will be given between 1 – 3 minutes of performing time.
  2. Once again if you wish to have your own music played during your time please bring a CD.
  3. If you have entered yourself in the single division you will not be allowed to participate in the group division FOR ANY ROLE.
  4. Registration Fee = P50.00

  1. Group Participants will be allowed only 2 – 9 Members. This will not include props men if you should have any. We will allow props men to handle materials on stage however if the skit will look messy due to the number of people on stage it will affect your score.
  2. You will be given only 3 – 5 minutes of performing time. Anymore will be deducted from your score. Timer starts when your skit officially starts. Set up all you want.
  3. We encourage the group to interact with the other participants either as a group or individuals.
  4. Please bring a CD with your music if you wish to have it played during your time.
  5. Registration Fee = P100.00 per member
So what are you waiting for??? Mark that calendar and we'll see each other on November 6, 2010 at ARCHCon 2010!

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