Thursday, August 12, 2010

3D Cinema Launch in Ayala Cebu presents STEP UP 3

It was a normal Thursday…getting ready for the day…and doing the things I usually do…until an unexpected invitation came right to me.

I woke up around 9:00am, but my head was still too heavy and has decided to take another power nap…I got out of bed around 12:30pm. I took my shower. I got my clothes. I left the apartment with my laptop hanging on my shoulder.

I went to Coffee Cat and bought my original flavored Yogurt with grapes and mango toppings! I never had anything in mind, but to update my blogs and other social networks, until Doi called and asked me if I was available to watch STEP UP 3 at Ayala to officially open the 3D Cinema in Ayala Cebu. I hastily accepted the offer (and left Coffee Cat) because of so many reasons:
  • I really love watching Dance Movies. I would starve just to watch Dance Movies…and I mean literally! Yes, I went there with my empty stomach. I’m uber inclined to dancing especially crumping and hip-hop.
  • It was for free! It’s always good to have great friends that give you something for free! :D
  • I want something new for a change! I was so thankful that I actually did something different that day!
We also had our own dance-photo shoot! Hahaha!

Photos to be uploaded soon!

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