Friday, June 25, 2010

Balamban Liempo at Larsian Fuente

I've been a critique of Balamban Liempo for a long time now...and they never stop surprising me! Here is my entry about their liempo:
A Critique on the Liempo from the West

Last June 18 was the opening of their new branch in Larsian Fuente. It is a franchise of Gaylord, an entrepreneur and a business enthusiast at a young age. He also have a batchoy business, Nonoy's Batchoy, just beside the liempo and damn it was so tasty! That was the most gratifying batchoy ever! I will visit the batchoy again and will make a different post about it!

My friends (Eunz and RJ) and I went and checked their service and how the liempo tastes like compared to other branches and I am amazed (still) how it taste so DELICIOUS! My friends was loving the taste and is the best liempo they have tasted!

I can't say more on how consistent they have been and how productive they have grown!

Below is an audio interview of Gaylord, the owner of Balamban Liempo at Larsian Fuente:

See photos below:
Balamban Liempo Signage title=lovely bulb light designPeople eating at Balamban LiempoHere is our Liempo!The tasty liempo at Larsian FuenteNonoy's Batchoy Special
God bless and more power!


fetus said...

ahak maglaway man sad ko uy... paborito jud nako nang liempo hehe.

rabsin_d said...

@fetus: hahaha! la,i jud kaau bai! thanks for the comment btw. cheers!