Thursday, January 21, 2010 A Music Vlog

A music vlogI would like to present to you my newest site and it is a music vlog, RABSING.COM!

This will be a new challenge for me as a blogger for vlogging they say really hard to maintain especially at times when you get really busy with some other priorities.

However, I think I can manage this vlog very well! I'm pretty sure that this new site will be a stable one!

Yes, I am! Simply because the niche I chose for this vlog is already apart of me. Music has been apart of me. It is a passion that can't be hidden or stolen from me! MUSIC is ME!!!

I have been planning for this site for a very long time...and now my Music Vlog is now existing and hopefully it will stay long and let people who watch it enjoy every entry it will be showing.

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