Monday, December 21, 2009

A Review on the movie AVATAR

The World of Avatar

Honestly, I was not expecting Avatar to be a fantastic movie! SUPER AWESOME!

My brother, sister and I was actually waiting for a different movie where Avatar was also its title in anime; however its movie is entitled The Last Air Bender. Anyway, We gave it a shot and bought 3 tickets to enter the world of Avatar!

Basically, the synopsis of the movie is about a man named Jake who found the meaning of life in the world of Avatar, Pandora. He learned to love their way of living and their culture...

The most unforgettable sentence in the movie: I see you.
It means that you just don't see someone physically but the totality of it...his heart...his soul. Usually lovers tell this to each other.

The animation was just outstanding! The world of Avatar was just amazing! Somehow, I wanted to be in their place and feels how to be part of them... The movie highlighted their passion to protect and love Mother Nature, Eywah as they call it.

I cant find the words to say how amazing the movie is...if the movie is just a person that I may be able to talk to, I would indubitably say, I see you.

I just want you guys to watch the movie, Enter the World of Avatar and you may leave a comment here if I was just wasting my time writing this entry or not.

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maemaye said...

Very nice movie.. It was just my first time to watch a 3d movie and it was awesome!!..