Monday, November 30, 2009

Asia in a Basket: Food Bloggers' Meet at SM Cebu

Time check it's 2:30pm (November 30, 2009) and I am here at SM Food Court for the event 'ASIA in a BASKET'. A food event exposing different Asian delicacies.

Everyone is excited for the said event, especially me.

Steam Rice at Golden Bowl Dimsum
Ever since College, this food was never away from my plate...and I've been trying to compare steam rice in different restaurants. However, this steam rice has captured my my taste. It made me salivate to the point of drooling... This is the BEST steam rice I've tried!

Aside from this, more food were served...and tasted. You'll definitely drool to death!

The bloggers were preparing their appetite for this event, ASIA in a BASKET. Pretty sure they'll (we) be eating all the displayed foods.

Here are some photos:

Grilled Squid at Fiesta Cebuana BBQ on Stick at Rics Barbeque Camaron Rebosado at Island Grill Express Black Forest at Fountainhead Squid and Shrimp Balls at Goto King Pork Siomai at Golden Bowl Dimsum

By the looks of these sumptuous and delicious food, it's inevitable to be eaten...and once eaten, you'll definitely crave for more....

After the food tasting, everyone was sitting silently on their respective sits with their stomach fully satisfied.

The event was indubitably successful. First, they have presented the food at its best...and second, I got satisfied!

Thank you for inviting us in ASIA in a BASKET!!!


Earl said...

I was amazed with the food displayed too. Twas a great experience! Thanks for sharing this post to us.

rabsin_d said...

same here! thanks for the comment...

Anonymous said...

nganong walay ingun ani dre sa DUmaguete??? :( maka suya ang food! making me hungry at 2 in the morning!

rabsin_d said...

wahehehe! mga PIG man gud ang taga Dumaguete...nyahaha! Bitaw, Dumaguete should start organinzing a blogging society as well :)