Tuesday, October 20, 2009

PBA 2009 in Cebu

City Sports Club, Cebu City was bursting with hot and awesome bloggers last Sunday, October 18, 2009!

It was probably one of the best nights for all the bloggers who were there, especially bloggers who got an award for their uniquability and talent as a blogger.

I would like to Congratulate Cebu Bloggers Society for grabbing the Visayas Bloggers Choice Award!

I would also like to congratulate the following bloggers, especially the CBS members:

Globe Digital Tribe Award:

Estan Cabigas (Langyaw)
Evanjohnn Mendoza (The Focal Glass)
Junelle Caravana (Intiendes)
Marcos (Explore Ilo-ilo)
Max Limpag (Leon Kilat)
Wilson Ng (Best of Wilson Ng)
Jorich Ponio
(Beyond the Norms)
McBilly Wilford Sy
Xerxes Bernaldes (Obnoxious Queer)
Sinjin Pineda - (Sinjin’s House)

Chikka's Readers Choice Award: Sinjin Pineda

Best Visayan Blog: Clarence Mongado (Dahong Laya)

Here are some photos during the event:

PBA 2009

Cebu Bloggers Society at PBA 2009

CBS at PBA Visayas 2009

CBS at PBA Visayas 2009

Cebu Bloggers Society won Visayas Bloggers Choice

Finlust at PBA Visayas 2009

Finlust at Philippine Blog Awards Visayas 2009

Finlust got Globe Tatoo Finlust's new partner

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estan said...

bilib ko nimo bai with your red baron. you know how to make a statement. and you look good :)

rabsin_d said...

@estan: *geee* thanks! overwhelmed by a multi-awarded blogger...Where you there during the event? Kitakitz nlng kng pupunta ka d2 sa Cebu...

estan said...

bai, the pba should have a best dressed. hehehe. thnx btw...

i was at the table near the organizers bai. i'm here home in cebu until november pa ko diri. bakasyon lang kadiyot ug kalag kalag pud. also, i'm thinking of some places to feature sa blogs nako :)

ayo ayo

Noelle V. Dotillos said...

Oh! Everybody's posting their PBA moments!
You know what's lacking?
Hahahaha! :)
Awwww. Congratulations everybody!
By the way, I like your barong! *winks

rabsin_d said...

@estan: LOL! nyahaha! ic, wow! laag2 rman...Bisaya ka? Well, I hope to see you formally soon...

@Noelle: yeah! wahehehe! sayang wla ka...thanks for appreciating btw...

estan said...

bai, cebuano kong dako. taga talisay :)

sure, hope to meet you personally soon. thanx bai :)

rabsin_d said...

aw...unsa gud d i??? LOL! nya? chat box na ni ako comment run? wahehehe! I replied on your message sa FB...dd2 nlng tah

Mikes Sumondong said...

hey first time visitor here. Nice blog you have. God Bless!

rabsin_d said...

@Mikes: Hey, thanks! Ikaw yung bgong member ng CBS right...the religious blog...