Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Jump Shots

I just want to share this .gif jump shots by Tiborsho during the Cebu Heritage Tour (Check Heritage Tour Day 1 and Day 2). It always gives a smile on me everytime I see it! ENJOY!

Cebu Heritage Tour Jump Shot
CBS Jump Shot


Aimee said...

hahaha.. i saw this one, too, on Tibor's blog.. i can't help but go LOL over these animated jump shots.. hahaha

Bryan Karl said...

Kalingaw sad ui. Mga dagway intawn.

rabsin_d said...

btaw lingaw jud...wahehehe!

veronica said...

hahahahah! nalingaw jud ko'g tan-aw hehehehe! mura man mo ug mga kwatnit ani oe heheheh :)

rabsin_d said...

@veronica: nyahaha! mu jud :D

Yodz said...

this is really cute. Jump shots.. my favorite.
BTW, can you tell me how to do that GIF?
any software?
I love making our own version (with my barkada)

Aika Galleca said...

@yodz:sa ai. pag animate ginagmay. hahaha ako lagi nitubag

btw, na unsa man tawn mo oi. ahahaha ang gif bah. ahahaha cute kaayu.ambak diri ambak didto

rabsin_d said...

@Yodz: Sorry! Wasn't able to notice your comment...The maker of this used Photoshop for this one :D

@Aika: mujud! lingaw au! :D