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Monday, September 7, 2009

Being True

I may be fooled twice (and I pity myself for that), but I'll never be fooled ever again... least I'm not a fake friend... least I'm not a fake lover... least I never ruined once life...

...and specially knows how to be true to myself.


guada said...

sometimes being true cant make u happy.


rabsin_d said...

indeed guadz...but at least I know earlier than suffering so much in the end.

I will now step down...

AP? nyahaha!

L.A. said...

She deserves another bitch-slappin'


Yodz said...

that's life.
sometimes we need to always be above others.
take care. live life.. just take the lessons and leave bitterness behind.

rabsin_d said...

@LA: nyahaha! You are one awesome bastard! wahehehe!

@Yodz: yah...thanks for the heads up.