Sunday, May 24, 2009


I'm here in Bo's Cafe with Beejing and I got a free coffee!!! YEAH!!! Wahehehe!

Currently, I am planning to join Cebu Bloggers (BTW, Beejing is part of it)...hopefully I can be an asset in the group...LOL! (Even if I am quite innocent to lots of things)

I have a lot of things to write but I'm kind of mixed up write now. I need to organize my thoughts... I am guessing I'll be making the following topics:

  • The movie: Marley and Me
  • The movie: Accidental Husband
  • The change of work schedule
  • The new Life Style
  • The Plan to join the Cebu Bloggers
  • and a lot more...
Well, I hope you stay tune...wahehehehe! peace out!