Sunday, May 17, 2009

Doing Good...

I was supposed to post this yesterday, but because of a rundll thingy all the files in my flashdrive is hidden and the computer system can't do anything about it (Read revious BLOG entry). Anhow, here it is...

(May 16, 2009)

Hey! I’m back! Sorry, I was not able to make an entry yesterday because my sister asked me to clean the boarding house and I went with her shop some stuff for tonight’s party...Yes! She’s having a party tonight with her old officemates... And the result, I woke up late and almost (just almost) got late at work...Woooh!

Anyways, I’m also planning to go out with some friends tonight but I still haven’t asked permission (this is one of the reason why I want to leave alone...LOL). I hope its okay with her. Besides, I also need a break...and since it’s my day off...I think I need to treat myself some relaxing thing that I do...Wahehehehe!

BTW, just got out of work...and work is really GREAT! I’m getting the hang of it...though there are stuffs that I really have a hard time finishing, especially if you’re hungry! Wahehehe! But one good thing is that our boss is really good and really patient... She gives us extensions if she can see that we are having problems with the exercises we are doing. She is really good at her work, even if she hardly gives understandable instructions. Yeah!!! Unfortunately, all of us are having a hard time understanding some of her instructions. (Is that really the usual thing? Because like my previous teacher, Mrs. Montenegro, she is really good in programming [JAVA], but she don’t know how share her knowledge to us.) However, the good thing about her is that, she can DEFINITELY answer all the things that we ask! One thing I have noticed is that, I easily understand her instructions if she lets me see what are suppose to be done! Maybe, I’m more at the looking and not on the listening...Wahehehe!

I just hope I get regularized! Because I’m really loving the work...LOL!
Well, that’s it for now...better get some rest for tonight PARTY!!! Wooohooo!

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