Friday, April 3, 2009

My Project

Finally! My project for now is done though it's not a good quality... I was not able to find a good camera, so I used my phone's camera which is entirely wack!

Well, It doesn't matter now...because all I've ever wanted is to publish the lyrics I did...and it is really GREAT (for me)!

The lyrics is sort of true...wahehehe!


"its late up night and I'm still waiting here all alone,
thinking bout you and wishing that you would come back home,
It's been so long I haven't touch your hand and taste your lips,
and girl I'm effin' cravin',

Got drunk with some friends just to make my mind get occupied,
Yet still dreaming of you and me in bed tonight,
I'm still haunted by your hazel eyes,
And girl will you please be mine..."

Hope you like it...peace out!

1 comment:

bayu nugroho said...

you have nice voice brooooo!