Thursday, April 9, 2009

Is Employed!!!

Oh yeah!!! Im EMPLOYED baby!!!

Woooh! I never thought it can be this fast...I mean, I was just a mere student who makes sure that I won't waste my parent's money as well as wasting my time not knowing what life really is...and that is enjoying night life and getting drunk at night...


I will surely miss the old times...but for now, I need to focus and make new GOALS IN LIFE.

Still I'm in the process of making my new goals, I just want to take this opportunity to thanks everyone, my friends, my family, my past, and the people that has surrounded me for giving my values and incredible experiences that has molded me into a strong and responsible person.

I have now realized that I am not the kid from the school who keeps crying because of all the insults thrown to him...I'm a big boy now who knows how to handle myself, and knows how to think what is proper and needed to do...(NOSEBLEED!!!) Wahehehehe!

THANKS ALOT, for the burdens, the love, the pains, the life, the insecurities, the confusion and alot more!!! THANKS ALOT indeed!

And to THE ONE (BRO, according to Santino), you know deep in my heart how thankful I am for giving me the best LIFE ever!!! Thanks ALOT!!!

Now, I am independent, though I still don't know where my limits end...I will strive and conquer LIFE!!!

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