Sunday, March 8, 2009

So Many Things To Do In A Limited Time

Just got back home! Woooh!

Right after I woke up today, I had the feeling of great and profound aura in me that makes this day GREAT!

I combed my hair with my hands and noticed its soft and unique touch in my hand, which is kind of unusual. While I took my bath, the water was in its moderate temperature that suits my skin's plessure.

I got grounded by my mom because I came home very late. To be exact I came home at around 3am (today) from a drinking and karaoke session. But the ironic part was when she said "You are GROUNDED and you'll be eating all the food that I'll be cooking". Hmmm? It doesn't sound bad to me...Hehehe!

I think my mom just missed me...because I was the baby in the family and she used to carry me alot...and maybe she realized that I'm a grown up now..."I LOVE YOU MAMA!"

Anyhow, I went downtown to print my notes for our Final Examination next week and noticed the pedibox's cOoL style of attracting passengers! The driver had this I-pod with remix RNB and bitty songs! It was really really cool!

I also had the chance to make friends with a Dumaguete Blogger, Vir Silva though I wasn't really at the mood to talk, but he was a good guy...

My X texted me that she is with the barkada in Country Gents so I went their to check on them. I did not stay long though...

Somehow, the day was GREAT!!! However, there is always in a man's life that you wanted to feel emptyness.

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