Thursday, March 19, 2009

Employment Here I Go!

Sigh...Time is indeed very short...I am about to graduate this 22nd of March...and It was just like yesterday when we were struggling for answer on our exams and making our projects!

Memories that I will remember and treasure forever...I will surely miss my school days...

Anyhow, I'm already in the employment world just so you know...Yes, I just had my interview yesterday and I got a position in ePLDT Ventus.

However, the company is based in Manila...and I don't want to go to Manila...It's just that, I am not ready to face Manila Life. Traffic, pollution, scarce water, and I really hate waking up early...Wahehehe! Not like here!

Though, they will be making a branch here after 2 months...Time will tell...wahehehe!

Anyhow, another shocking thing just happened to me...Wahehehe! I was invited to join Hari ng Negros. I'm really not sure what this contest is about...but I have heard a lot of negative rumors about this event...However, some friends are also convincing me to join...but the thing is, I'm kind of not ready to join this kind of competition...I just don't know. I need to learn a lot of things before I join this contest...besides, we don't have the monet for this contest...

Again, time will tell...wahehehe!

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