Saturday, February 28, 2009


Sorry for not updating you lately...It's because our PC got paranoid of these VIRUSES that won't get detected by this IDIOT VIRUS SCANNERS...Grrr!

And now, I need to format our PC anb because of that, I won't be able to back up some important files that I have stored in my PC...Huhuhu!

I, also, am missing lots of things while our PC is being repaired (until now) like news and conversation with friends online...and so much more...BLOG, PLURK, FACEBOOK...grrr!

Why did they even make these viruses...?

Anyhow, I am kind of depressed right now, Hmmm...because 'the friend' is kind of dry lately...well, I am feeling a little dryness in 'the friend' towards me...I am kind of wondering and evaluating myself if I did something wrong...but I haven't...I guess...?

'the friend' won't text lately...this is the reason why I am wondering...

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