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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thank God!

Woooh! And I thought I was gonna loose my flash drive...

Just earlier, I arrived home and got freakin' paranoid because my flash drive was not in my bag...and I was thinking that I left it in our classroom. According to most experiences, flash drives that are left there are expected to be gone forever. So I freaked out because all my projects that I need to pass this week was there...It was my key to Graduate. I was not able to smell the aroma of the toga for a couple of minutes...Thank God I got it back! Thanks to Marc, a good friend of mine, who left my flashdrive on the guard's table after texting him to find my flashdrive...

I directly went to school (again) just to make sure that I have it on my hands...Woooh!

What a day!


artofreed said...

you don't find your flashdrive, yet ?
One important thing for blogger, especially for you. I hope you find that soon.

rabsin_d said...

Thanks for the concern...I got it back that day...thanks!