Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sungha Jung is AMAZING!!!

OMFG! I just found an AMAZING KID on YouTube! I've been a fan of Andy McKee for a long time now and my most favorite was Rylynn...and while I was browsing some related videos, I found this:

Rylynn - Sungha Jung

It was amazing, even if there are some flaws...but I can't do that! He was OUTSTANDING! Sungha Jung, a 13 year old talented kid whom, fore sure, is going to be POPULAR (Hollywood) in few years time.He is also a musician, he has composed some compositions...and if you want to listen or read his profile you can click HERE!

Last but not the least, I want to share this video of him. An Original Composition that will definitely stand out.

(Original) Perfect Blue - Sungha Jung


xar_asbir said...

Wow! A prodigy.beI wish my son could be someone like him.

rabsin_d said...

Hmmmp! It's very early to make a son xar! wahehehe! But if it is as good and as cute as Sungha Jung, go to bed now! Wahehehe! peace

neri said...

teehee found him last year and posted about in my blog too ^^ you might also like Andy McKee and Naudo, YouTube acoustic wonders too though older :D

rabsin_d said...

Yah! I like Andy McKee! I will check Naudo as soon as my schedule is lax...hehehe!