Sunday, January 11, 2009


I miss my blog so MUCH!!! It has been like 2 days since I have last blogged...and I hate myself for not taking good care of my blog lately...sorry! I got busy with school stuff and extra stuff that I'm currently into...but don't worry, I'll do my best to blog ASAP.

BTW, our Filipino teacher required us to make 5 journal story about anything in Filipino of course...but the problem is...I'm kinda weak in Filipino...the story making easy but the translation is hard...Huhuhu! I haven't made a single thing...I'll start tomorrow...i guess...Wahehehe!

K.P. and I were texting a while ago...and we're going fine...better than before...i guess (what with 'i guess' lately..? Wahehehe!) I mean, we are better friends than before...

Well, I got to go now...just arrived home from a party...nyt


xar_asbir said...

Good for you coz you're planning to make one for our Filipino class. I've decided not to pass anything, it's useless. LOL We need to concentrate on the OJT not on that lame class. :P

rabsin_d said...

Wahehehe! patabang ka..?