Thursday, January 22, 2009

First and Foremost...

Just want to introduce a very good friend who is in BLOG WORLD now!!!

Let us welcome DAISY SARIO!!!

She is, honestly, really good in writing, but she thinks that her writing is not good... Maybe, that is the usual thinking of an artist criticizing his own work...They (we) are just not contented of what they (we) do for art...Hehehe!

Anyhow, I was reading Mr. Ian's blog and was struck of what I was reading...and I want to share it to you guys:

"I want to enjoy things, have fun, live every day like it's the last day. Wouldn't that be nice, a lifetime full of last days?"

Somehow, I have so many days that I have wasted...and you know what...? I'm sick and tired of wasted my days...Since I am still alive and kicking my butt off to survive, I'll make sure that everything will be the most MEMORABLE MOMENT of my life.

Most of what I wanted was not given to me...and I want to change beware for the new me!


daisy said...

nge... is this really about me?

pag shur oi... hehe...

anyway... salamat.

daghan kaau. hehe...

u have to fix something about this entry manghud... puslan man magulang q nimo, i better correct u...

tnx. :)

kat said...

yey! watch out for the new you!

i know what u mean.. i also just started living by that phrase, "carpe diem!"

"A lifetime of last days." i like how that sounds.

rabsin_d said...

me too! thanks Ms. Kat!!!