Sunday, January 4, 2009


Waaah! Sorry for not blogging lately...It's just that I got too busy with my Dance Sport practices (since we'll be joining a contest by February). BTW! I promise to post the things that happened last January 1st and 2nd...It is very exciting and heart-melting event indeed...Wahehehe!

In addition, just want K.P. to be part of this blog...hehehe! Hope we (I) won't get embarrassed with each other anymore...I mean, I think it's okay if we talk as normal people do...(Yah! Easy for me to say...even I have a hard time in doing this...) Basta! Let's just talk...Wahehehe!

In addition to this post, I just want to thank Syarief for making a wacky entry about me in his blog...Want to read it..? Click HERE!

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xar_asbir said...

Ahaha, Binuang ra bya na rick, imo pa gud gi post diri. :)