Saturday, December 6, 2008

TGIF Indeed...

I was expecting myself to be in a DISCO BAR or something and have fun tonight...instead, I was with my friends (kuya Bong, Briggz, Jan2x). We ate together and chat for more than 3 hours... It was one of the greatest night in my life...It was not the usual night that I am having with some other friends who most of the time spend their time and money drinking, and smoking...Well, I still do that (except the smoking part) but I think it's about time to change and step to another level of ADULTHOOD!

BTW, I saw MDP just this morning...and carried me outside our College...Waaaah! (how cute!) We were also texting earlier; however, MDP stopped replying because MDP was really busy... Well, that's it for now...Good night everyone!

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